New Beginnings 2017

Investment: $100


New Beginnings – An important workshop to help you release what doesn’t serve you and plant the seeds for the next 9 years.

This workshop is offered on the 26th of February in line with the energies of the new moon. This is energetically the time that we plant our seeds for what we wish to create or grow within our lives. We have a physical body however we are also energetic beings and learning to harness energy can be very fruitful for each of us.

Numerology shows us that we live in 9 year cycles. 2016 was a 9 Universal Year, a year of endings. If you take a look around you you will notice there has been a lot of endings for many. A lot of unexpected change.  If you feel that you are ready to let go of the past and release that which no longer serves you then this workshop is for you. It is time to plant the seeds for your future in 2017 to embrace the energy of new beginnings and focus on what you wish to create within the next 9 year cycle.   We are now shifting into the new, with new possibilities as 2017 is a one year the year to plant our seeds. It’s a year of new beginnings within the forthcoming 9 year cycle.The 26th of February is also a new moon, which is the most auspicious time to use this energy to plant your seeds of creation. Although these seeds can be planted throughout this year, working on the new moon is as favourable as you can get.

So what is your heart calling out for?  What does your soul yearn for? What are you here to fulfill? What do you really need? This workshop will help you to consciously clear and release the past and give you the opportunity to get clear on what you wish to create in the future. During the last 9 years we lived through the end of the Mayan calendar which was in 2012, which numerologicaly is a 5 year. 5 is the number of change. It was said by the elders that whatever happens to our planet is now in the hands of humanity. What that means is that we, as humanity, are now writing our own future, whatever that may be.  The end of the Mayan calendar occurred  midway within the last 9 universal year. What’s exciting is that 2017 is the first new year out of that cycle.  This is energetically an important time to take charge and harness this energy to make it work for you. The good news is, as we harmonize to our unique soul’s plan, our life will flow more easily.
Please note that space is limited and a deposit of $50 is required on booking.

A VISUAL ARTS DIARY OR SCRAP BOOK IS REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS. Everything else is supplied however if you have your own pencils, textas, crayons which you prefer to use please bring them along.
When: Sunday 26th February 2017
Where: Werribee South
Investment: $1o0

Deposit: $50 on booking

Payment options: EFT, Credit Card, Cash
Time: 1pm – 5pm

Keep Safe and Happy and may you rest and nourish your soul during this time of transition.