Your Chakras Your Life

This 7 week course is an introduction to YOUR chakra system

Everyone and everything is made of energy. The chakras are a part of the subtle energy structures within ourselves which underlie all physical reality.

Each Chakra influences you in a unique, physical, mental emotional and spiritual way.

Within this workshop we will gain an understanding about

  • The key energy centers, the 7 major chakras
  • Their function and how they affect your life
  • The physical mental and emotional aspect of each chakra
  • How our chakras become unbalanced
  • Why our chakras need to be balanced
  • We will take a journey through our own chakra system and map the state of our OWN chakras.

By gaining understanding of, and working with your chakras and energy system, you will gain insight as to what you need to gain health and emotional well being.

To take this journey you will need to bring a scrap book or art diary and crayons pencils or textas.  These can be purchased from a $2 shop.

Date: Thursday 12 Oct – 30th November ( There will be no class on the 16th November) An optional complimentary class will be offered on the 7th Dec to                  integrate.

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: Werribee South   (Address supplied on booking)

Investment: $250 to be paid by bank transfer or credit card

Limited space – booking is essential